Unlike in high where students are allocated lockers, college students have to carry their belongings with them wherever they go. Therefore, a backpack is essential for all college students. An ideal and, of course, the best backpack will enable college students to carry their laptops and other items at ease.


You need to select a backpackbag that lasts all the way through graduation. With the many choices to pick from, it can be overwhelming. Here are some things you need to consider to choose the best.


  1. Material


You need to choose a backpack that is made from a sturdy fabric. Sometimes visual examination may not be accurate; therefore, make sure to check the density of fibers used in making the fabric.


You may also want a water-resistant bag. If this is the case, go for nylon-made backpacks. Whether you choose synthetic or non-synthetic materials, they all come with their pros and cons.


  1. Pockets and compartments


A college student should stay organized throughout. Several compartments will help you organize your stuff in the bag very nicely. For this reason, make sure to choose a backpack that has dedicated spots to put all you need while attending classes.


  1. Straps and Padding


A bag with broad, adjustable straps with good padding makes a perfect choice because it evenly distributes the weight load. Indeed, the right padding makes a significantly heavy load feel somewhat lighter. If you are sure to be carrying considerably heavyweight, choose a backpack with waist or sternum straps.


  1. Weight


You don't want an extreme load on your back. Backpacks made from bulky materials feel heavy even without packing. It is good if you buy a lightweight bag without compromising on quality.


  1. Durability


When choosing your college backpack, you want something that will last for years. Although the material may pass something about its durability, you need a further check. You need to ensure the stitching is well done, and the straps plus handles are well anchored. Also, you may want a backpack with a rubber at the bottom to help it stand without considerable wear. Water-resistant materials may also count.


  1. Reflective materials


College students will likely walk or cycle at night. Whether you are sure or not, it is good to buy a bag with reflectors because of uncertainty. If you get the right bag, but it doesn't have reflexive material, you can add them to ensure you're easily identifiable in darkness.


  1. Tech Features


Technology has become a primary thing in the contemporary world. Modern tech-savvy college students would prefer backpacks with modest tech features. If this is your choice, beware these add-ons may increase the price significantly; either way, there are pros and cons.


  1. You may opt for wheeled backpacks


If you have a substantially heavy load, a wheeled backpack makes your excellent option. Although they are pricier than non-wheeled counterparts and might have smaller carrying space, they will help you carry heavy load effortlessly.


  1. Right size


Before choosing a college backpack, you need to know what you will be hauling around. An ideal bag will corral all your stuff without significant straining. The last thing a college student would want is to have a backpack falling below hips; therefore, choose a bag that fits you properly.


  1. Price and warranty


Even with the high-end bags, the price shouldn't be exorbitant. It is good to buy from a reputable brand to get good value for money; otherwise, you don't need to break a bank to get a high-quality college backpack. Before buying, check if the manufacturer backs their bag with a good warranty. A warranty makes most backpacks a great buy.




Even though most college students tend to overlook backpacks, it is essential to smoothen college life. With these tips, you will get the right bag that will last years while making the carrying of your belongings easy.