Choosing the right school backpack for your son can be a lot of fun at the same time, somewhat daunting. While your primary focus is on good quality and proper fitting, your son wants a backpack that reflects their personality and interests. The chances are that it will be one of the hardest things to decide on when working back-to-schools shopping.

You need to select a backpack that will enclose all the stuff your child needs for the school day. Since it will be their daily companion, it has to blend all other qualities with the style they like most. But high quality and proper fit remain to be the core factors.

Now you have decided to go shopping, but you don’t have an idea on how to choose the best school backpacks for boys. Do not worry. This is an ultimate guide with tips to help your shop smartly. Let’s get started.

What features make a perfect school Backpack?

When choosing a boy’s school backpack, you will want to strike a balance at all the features and make an incredible selection. Here are the things you need to check.

  1. Quality

The fabric from which the backpack is made will determine its durability, breathability, and weight. It should also be easy to wipe clean. As a parent, you understand your boy well and know what they need for school day; therefore, the bag should be strong to withstand all daily use rigors.

Again on quality, check the zippers. The trick is to make sure the bag has sturdy, heavy-duty zippers that are easy to close and can be easily accessed in case of damage. Although trendy and inexpensive backpacks might be good quality, they are not recommended.

  1. Proper size and pockets

It is undisputed that too large a backpack won’t fit your son well. Select a bag whose width, weight and height are relatively proportionate to the boy. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a backpack plus its contents should never weigh more than 20% of a child’s body weight.

Depending on the belongings your child will have to carry on a school day, you will need to pick an ideal size. If there is a need to carry different stuff independently, make sure to consider the number of required pockets alongside the appropriate sizing for an incredible organization.

  1. Straps and padding

Look for considerably broad straps with appropriate padding so that your son can carry the bag comfortably and safely. When shopping, opt for backpacks with two straps instead of one because one strap adds strain on the shoulder and can cause back and spine alignment problems.

Adjustable straps are handy in ensuring the bag fits snugly around the body with proper positioning and doesn’t rotate. A waist strap and padded back add on comfort.

  1. Your child’s interests and style

Even though it is not essential, knowing if your son will be happy wearing the backpack to and from school every day can help in deciding. If your child wants a school backpack featuring cartoon but low quality, let that not constrain you from being creative. You can search for a high-quality backpack with brighter colors or the pattern your child likes then personalize into styles. You can also add key chains and fobs to win the boy’s interests.

  1. Additional features

Every parent wants their children to remain safe. Therefore, you may want to look for a backpack with reflective paneling. This adds to safety against bikes and cars.


When shopping for a school backpack, you need good value for money. Put the above aspects in mind, and you’ll get the best. Reliable brands make backpacks featuring high-quality construction yet affordable with a good warranty.